Chief (2011) Physical Album (CD)

"An edgy 70's Rocknroll flavoured debut with shades of T-Rex and GunsNRoses" - Street Press 2011


Chief (2012) Physical Album (CD)

"A 70's inspired groover with several catchy melodies and pop moments" - Street Press 2012

Songs (2013) Physical Album (CD)

"An eclectic mix of 70's british invasion folk, pop and country peppered with Jimmy Page inspired guitars and production" - Ein News 2013

Silver and Gold (2015) Physical Album (CD)

"A matured release with shades of Neil Young's Harvest period and soft pop balladry" - Ein News 2015

Astrology (2016) Physical Album (CD)

"Chief's 5th sees him go another level in slick lush soundscapes and strong, intent lyric" - David Fricke 2016